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AIYBL - Athlete Institute Youth Basketball League

AIYBL improvements for Fall 2018 Session

  • Adding a Novice U10 (Grade 3-5) Division
  • Week 1 will be evaluation scrimmages with the goal of forming evenly matched teams
  • AIYBL jersey and shorts included

What parents are saying about AIYBL

"I loved that the kids started to develop as a team over time. One of my sons has never had that opportunity and he truly loved it."

"I enjoyed seeing my son excited to come out to the program. He has never been good enough to make the rep team and this program made it possible to play basketball during the winter months.  The coaches took time to really focus on a players strengths and needs.  Needs were addressed and strategies and corrections were given.  Such a great program overall."

"It was so well-run and organized.  Worth every penny."

"Format is perfect.  Late arrivals don't effect the game itself."

"Everything!!!  [my son] enjoyed it 1000 times better than his other House League."

"Thank you for allowing all kids in the community to feel confident and excited about sports and playing on a team."

"Best run program my son has EVER been in.  Highlight of our week.  Great job!"

"Don't change a thing - you motivated many of the players and made them better and more confident."


General Info:

  • Starts Sunday, Oct 14th
  • Runs Sundays, October 14 to December 9
  • 8 weeks of games including playoffs
  • Athlete Institute Fieldhouse Gymnasium (207321 Highway 9, Mono, ON)
  • Cost: $132.74 + HST ($17.26) = $150.00 per player
  • Includes reversible jersey and end of season awards ceremony

Volunteer Coaches

  • Each team will be coached by a volunteer coach
  • Volunteer coaches will also be responsible for running 30 mins of skill stations and/or practices prior to the game
  • If you are interested in volunteering to coach, please email

Game Rules and Regulations:

  • FIBA Rules and Regulations with the following modifications.


  • 10:00 minute quarters, running time
  • 3:00 minute half time
  • Substitutions will occur at the 5:00 minute mark of each quarter

Shooting Fouls

  • A shooting foul on a 2-pt field goal MISS will be rewarded with 1 free throw worth 2 points
  • A shooting foul on a 2-pt field goal MAKE will be rewarded with 2 points plus 1 free throw worth 1 point
  • A shooting foul on a 3-pt field goal MISS will be rewarded with 1 free throw worth 2 points, plus 1 free throw worth 1 point
  • A shooting foul on a 3-pt field goal MAKE will be rewarded with 3 points plus 1 free throw worth 1 point

Time Outs

  • No timeouts


  • If score is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 2:00 minute overtime


  • All games will be refereed by at least one certified official